We’re pumped to announce a two shirt collaboration with Freshletes entitled ‘The Rooted Collection.’

Baseball is a game with extremely deep roots. This is where the idea for ‘The Rooted Collection’ came about. Old script style with a modern twist became the focal point.

This particular tee, we went with the throwback jersey look, which is especially great with the woven label at the bottom on the front. We used the number 11 because that is the year both Freshletes and ourselves were created… rooted in the game.

This tee, you will see a photo of an old run down ball field with weeds all around and growing up the backstop. Probably hasn’t been played on or touched in a while, but its beauty and history remain. A lot of wonderful memories were no doubt made on that diamond.

They are now available at both routinebaseball.com and freshletes.com.

Don’t sleep on them.