Wilson ‘World Baseball Classic’ A2000 Gloves


Wilson has dropped the new World Baseball Classic a2000 gloves. They are limited-edition commemorative pieces so they come at a slightly higher price ($279.95), but man are they sharp. After checking each country’s glove, we have decided that the USA piece is our favorite. There was definitely no bias or anything in that decision, none, zero, nada.


In all seriousness tho, that’s the point of them anyway isn’t it? You have to rep your country and rep it proud.

Below we’ve included the US glove we mentioned as well as some snippets of some others.  These are limited edition and truly one-of-a-kind gloves, so we would suggest getting in your order asap. The office here is craving that US glove bad, because America. Duh.

Here we have an inside view of Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and Canada’s gloves (in that order).

Wilson world baseball classic gloves

Wilson World Baseball Classic Glove

Wilson Ball Gloves

The USA glove in all its glory.

Wilson World Baseball Classic USA glove 2

Wilson Ball Gloves

Wilson World Baseball classic USA 3

Wilson Ball Gloves

Wilson World Baseball Classic USA glove

Wilson Ball Gloves

If you want to check out the other gloves in full detail, head to Wilson’s website.

We’ve been scoping out some other hot new World Baseball Classic gear lately and you can check out the Evoshield Custom gear for the classic, or the Manny Machado WBC custom glove. Both highlight some real nice custom gear for the upcoming classic. Feel free to let us know if any of you cop these limited a2000’s!

Extreme excitement for Spring Training and college ball to fire back up is an understatement, even from a gear perspective. So, if you come across any special custom gear from your team, or someone else’s, be sure to let us know and we could possibly feature it on The Clubhouse Mag. Keep up with us for a lot more of baseball lifestyle, gear, and fashion.

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