Which ‘Routine’ Ballers Are Moving To The LCS?

In a previous blog, we discussed how incredible the story of the Milwaukee Brewers was, and how they completely dominated the Colorado Rockies. Now, it’s time to touch on the rest of the teams who advanced.

Taking on the Milwaukee Brewers in the NLCS will be…

The Los Angeles Dodgers.

Besides a bit of a game three hiccup, the Dodgers made pretty easy work of the Atlanta Braves. Shutting ATL out in the first two games, and winning game four handedly. Manny Machado balled out in his first postseason with a Dodgers uni on, hitting a couple big homers and playing quality defense for the advancing squad. Here are some of the other dudes who balled out for LA:


Justin Turner and his luscious red beard, hit at an astounding .357 clip during the NLDS. Turner has been just unreal since joining the boys in Dodger blue; and it continued so far this postseason.

The Lefty Legend.

Clayton Kershaw has all but solidified his future in the baseball hall of fame legacy. Kershaw’s downfall has been his playoff numbers thus far in his career, but in his first start this postseason, he was ELECTRIC. 8.0 innings. 0 runs. Absolutely phenomenal. Expect the lefty to really shut it down this postseason.

Now to the ALCS:

The Houston Astros.

The Stro’s made quick work of the Cleveland Indians, sweeping them with three wins in a row to advance. Houston had some great pitching performances, but their incredible lineup played a huge part. Alex Bregman has become a superstar, and he’s become the voice of the team that has become an absolute force in the American League. Now some of our ROUTINE ballers for the Astros:

Springer DINGER.

George Springer had a phenomenal ALDS versus Cleveland, hitting at a .429 clip, with 3 bombs! Springer has become a spark plug for this team over the past few years, where he’s become a shoe-in for 20+ homers and a constant threat at the dish.


Jose Altuve was what we anticipated, yet again. Hitting at a .286 clip with a homer and some stellar play in the field. Running out of things to say about this guy, he’s just constantly so good at what he does.

Matching up with the Stros will be the…

Boston Red Sox.

Bahhhston defeated their arch rival the New York Yankees three games to one. Three of the games were exceptional, and the other one was a shellacking in favor of the Sox. Brock Holt hit for the first ever Postseason cycle, JD Martinez was phenomenal, and the pieces Cora put in the lineup each game, did their jobs. Now for the Routine baller for the Red Sox:

The Red Sox may have the most dominant arm in all of baseball. Chris Sale asserted his dominance with a lockdown start against the Yankees in game one of the divisional series; and followed it up with an untouchable and unexpected 8th inning surprise outing in game four to help the Sox lock down the series.

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