We Made It; Baseball Is Fun Again: 2018 Recap – Part 1

In a very, very, VERY long offseason, we often get that Winter blues. So, let’s go over some of the craziest plays and moments from this past ball season. Often, while playing ball, you get lost in the intensity of the matter and lose focus on why you began. We began to play this game and love it for one reason…

Because it’s SO MUCH FUN.

Having fun while playing ball, is the key. It’s the centerpiece to your happiness. It’s the reason you continue to play, and ask any good big leaguer; if you don’t have fun, it’s miserable.

So let’s give away some ‘awards’…

Most Emphatic Pimp Job: Carlos Gomez, Tampa Bay Rays.

The day was April 22nd, 2018; Gomez stepped up to the plate in a tie game in the bottom of the 9th, and oh boy; did he deliver. Carlos Gomez uncorked an absolute G HACK and hit a no doubt two run bomb to send the Rays home in walk off fashion; and the pimp job speaks for itself. Could go down as one of the GOAT pimp jobs.

Most Likely To Be Superhero: Kevin Pillar, Toronto Blue Jays.

On July 1st of this past summer, Pillar made one of the greatest catches we’ve ever seen. ‘Superman’ as the people of the 6 call him, scaled the Rogers Centre superbly high wall to make an INSANE home run robbery. Pillar is well known for his incredible fielding displays year in and year out, but with this catch, even the man who hit it, Nick Castellanos, could just stand there and applaud the incredible glove work. Check it out here:

Strangest Yet Most Interesting Moment: James Paxton, Seattle Mariners.

Mariners big Lefty stepped up to the mound in his hometown of Toronto, and threw the first no hitter of the big league season. But, this no hitter didn’t begin just like any other game, during the national anthem, the Big Maple was standing there minding his own business when A BALD EAGLE landed on him. Paxton returning to his hometown to pitch was special, what occurred following the bald eagle landing spectacularly on his shoulder, was something the big guy will never forget.

Craziest Cannon: Ramon Laureano, Oakland A’s.

Laureano unloaded on one of the most surreal throws the baseball world has ever seen.

On August 12th, in Anaheim, the A’s young outfielder fired a 321 foot rocket to first base to finish off a double play. Rumor has it that the Oakland Raiders are trying him out at QB after seeing that gun.

Best Launch Job: Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies.

The Rockies stud shortstop really came into his own this year. Being know for his power previously; Story went off and batted .290 with 100+ RBIs and 20+ steals. The slugging shortstop also happened to hit a FIVE HUNDRED AND FIVE FOOT HOMER (!!!) at Coors Field on September 6th. 505 feet. Absolutely INSANE, especially from a shortstop, a position not prominently known for power.

These dudes were just some of the reason this ball season was so much fun, and why we look forward to next season and the future of our beloved game. Stay tuned for the next part of the 2018 “We Made Baseball Fun Again” recap!

Blog by @VinnyBonaccorso — @VinBonaccorso on Instagram and Twitter.