Steven Brault & The Street Gypsies | Creative Spotlight

Ever wonder what it’s like to pitch at the professional level and lead sing in a rock band? Well, Steven Brault, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, can tell you. Brault, a left-handed pitcher, threw for the Pirates last season in 8 games and has a good chance at a spot in the rotation for this upcoming season. But that’s not the only cool thing about our boy Brault.

In his spare time in the off-season, the California kid is the lead singer for a band called the Street Gypsies, who played at the San Diego House of Blues last year.

Brault’s musical career started when he was in high school, singing in musicals at school. He realized that he was pretty good at it and decided to stick with it – all while still playing baseball. He eventually became a vocal performance major at Regis University in Denver, and got drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in the 11th round. But, baseball had to take precedence, because well… you can’t play baseball forever.

So here he is at his Junior recital. Dudes got vocals!

While playing for the Orioles he noticed that there was a band based out of San Diego, near his hometown, that was in need of a lead singer. So he called them to see if they still needed some pipes…and they said yes. The band is called the ‘Street Gypsies’ and they have been off and on since his arrival, as he can only play gigs when baseball isn’t taking over his life.

Street Gypsies Steven Brault

Source | Street Gypsies

Source | Street Gypsies

Source | Street Gypsies

In an article with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tyler Jorgensen (the bassist in the band) describes the group’s sound as, “Rolling Stones-esque slash folk music.” Take a listen below.

Not only is he a great pitcher and vocalist, but he can rake at the plate… and has a honey comb tattoo all the way up his right arm. So, i’m sure this won’t be the last time we talk about him. You can follow him on twitter at @BraultSteven.