Routine Baseball X Milwaukee Bucks…?

Yes, you read that right.

We were given the opportunity to design a shirt for the Milwaukee Bucks. If you’re unfamiliar, that is the NBA team here where we live in Milwaukee, WI.

This season, the Bucks have brought back what is called the Milwaukee Originals shirt series, which highlights local musicians and artists. This gives the musicians an opportunity to play at half time and for the artists to design their own tee. Sure we design baseball clothing for a living, but when given the opportunity to design for any professional sports team, you’re going to take it.

We appreciate the fine people at the Bucks office for recognizing us as designers in general and not just baseball designers. So we’re grateful for the opportunity. *No we will NOT be making Routine Basketball clothing*

About the design: The prerequisite was to use one of their secondary logos, so we took that another step. We took their secondary color (cream) and ran with that as the focal point. Extremely different than what you will find in their store. Isn’t that the point? We also added a gold hem tag to the bottom hem in honor of the championship tag you see on the back of the neck line on NBA jerseys (if the team has won any). Well, the Bucks have one in the books from 1971, so we added the year 71′ to the tag as well for extra meaning.

Check out the final creation below.

If you live in the Milwaukee area and are curious about how to snag one of these, please follow this link here. Our night is on Monday, April 10th against the Charlotte Hornets and all you have to do is follow that link, purchase some tickets using the provided code and boom… you’ll get this shirt FOR FREE! The hip hop group with Milwaukee ties, Arrested Development, will be joining our night as the halftime performance.