Routine Baseball Drops “Seams Collection”

Yesterday we at Routine Baseball dropped our newest collection entitled ‘The Seams Collection”. So what about this collection? What makes this different than our other gear? Lets dive in.

First off, the name derives from the fact that we’ve featured a lot more custom features. Like color blocked fabric, which create ‘seam lines’. Much like the seams from a baseball that hold the two pieces of leather together. We really wanted to explore how we could make unique garments without relying on heavy graphic prints.

routine baseball seams collection

We tend to do a lot of graphic prints and those are always a fun way for us to show off our creativeness. But we wanted to put wearability at the forefront with this collection and focus on the details. Pretty much everything featured matches with anything you have in your closet.

All the tees feature a woven logo tag that has moved to the lower left side instead of on the hem. This is to mimic that of a baseball jersey tag location. Simple move, but conceptually makes a lot of sense and gives it a different vibe.

routine baseball seams collection

Another new feature is the addition of our home plate interior tag. Featured on our hoodies, this detail has made an appearance in this collection. Sewn on with the same fabric as the shirts with printed details makes it super comfortable. Why do this you ask? Well because on the backside of the tee, you can see the home plate shape showing through.

routine baseball seams collection

On the majority of the tees, we also added a jersey cut to the bottom hem. Again this was inspired from the classic baseball jersey and 3/4 sleeve style cut. But we didn’t limit it to just the 3/4 sleeves as we added it to some traditional tees and our tee hoodies, which we’ll get into in a sec. It’s not a drastic cut, but just enough to give them a dynamic look outside of your basic tee.

A new piece we did with this collection is the tee hoodie. Sometimes you just want to throw that hood up in Spring or Summer. Shouldn’t be limited to the cold.

If you’re familiar with Routine products, know that these are just as soft and feature the same sizing cut as our other tops.

routine baseball seams collection routine baseball seams collection
routine baseball seams collection routine baseball seams collection routine baseball seams collection

Peep the whole collection here.

Which one is your favorite?