Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI)

Over the past year and a half, we’ve been blessed to befriend a guy by the name of Miguel Green (met him at a Milwaukee Brewers game of course). Miguel is the director of the Milwaukee RBI program as well as the director of baseball/softball at the Boys and Girls Club here in the greater Milwaukee area.

What is the RBI program you ask? If you are unfamiliar, the RBI acronym doesn’t stand for ‘Runs Batted In’, but rather something more meaningful – ‘Reviving Baseball in Inner cities.’ It’s a youth outreach program that was created to give underserved kids an opportunity to play baseball. The purpose isn’t just to expose children to the game of baseball, but get them to play competitive ball with a focus on teamwork and put an emphasis on academic achievement. Some alumni include Carl Crawford, Coco Crisp, James Loney, Manny Machado, CC Sabathia, Yovani Gallardo, Justin Upton, and more. Backed by some heavy hitters including the MLB, the RBI program has expanded to over 200 cities worldwide with over 260,000 active boys and girls playing baseball and softball. The Jr. program has another 160,000+ kids playing baseball and softball. To say the program is having some success is an understatement, and it’s all thanks to community members, its sponsors, and guys like Miguel to lead the charge.

After continued talks with Miguel, we wanted to help out. We partnered with our friends over at adidas to outfit all the kids in their best cleats and of course some Routine gear. The kids were amazing and our experience is one we won’t forget. Check out some photos from our time with them below and we hope that this will inspire you to learn more about the RBI outreach program and see how you can get involved yourself. Hit the link here to learn more.

Good luck this year Brewers, we’ll be keeping tabs.