Rally caps come in all shapes, sizes, and…. items? The crazier the setup, the better it usually works. Science has proven that rally caps work 60% of the time, every time. *note: not based on actual findings or anything science related at all*

Somewhat of a mythical legend in baseball, the origin of the rally cap is unknown. Some claim to have made the rally cap popular, only to be shot down by another group of fans and players. So we will leave the mystery to someone else. All we know is that we love us some rally caps. So, look for some interesting rally caps this weekend in the NCAA Super Regionals… this is when the creativity needs to be some next level stuff for the caps to work. It’s science.

Below we’ve put together a fine gallery of rally caps from over the years. Some are fans, some are players, some are traditional… and some feature lawn chairs. There’s even an entire group of girls called the ‘Rally Crew’.


‘Rally Urkel’? Sure why not.

Keep It Routine friends.