Players Weekend 2019 – potential jerseys?

The mass production of various uniform themes is fun and all – but can feel like overkill at times.  Don’t get me wrong – I like the Star Wars movies – but how many nights do we need set aside to recognize this movie franchise? Yes, I also love this country – but how many US recognized holidays do we have to produce variations of American Flag themed uniforms for?

HOWEVER…there is one annual uniform theme that I think the MLB and their apparel partners have gotten right – The Players Weekend Uniforms.

Every year the Players Weekend gives these fully grown, professional baseball players who are battling through a grueling 162 game schedule a chance to feel like a kid again. In 2018 we saw a color blocking design which if you ask most, may have struck out.

For 2019 though, there are some mock-ups of some amazing designs that can be found floating around – and these ones are a home-run (shout out to freelance designer @JesseAlkire). 

With a throwback Little League jersey aesthetic – there’s no doubt the MLBers will feel like kids again should they don these jerseys with their nickname on the back next season. The unique hometown nicknames and team names is a great touch also, reminding fans of those teams that not only do their favorite players have nicknames – their beloved cities do too.

Let’s just hope Nike or whoever takes the reigns on next years uni’s get inspired by these masterpieces.


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