No matter how stylish you are, getting up every morning and choosing items to wear is necessary… for the most part. One of the things that we find interesting with our customers is seeing how they mix and match various items of ours. So we’re going to start collecting and posting different outfit grids that we like/notice moving forward. We want you to send us yours as well – hell, we may even feature it right here in our blog! Just tag us on our FacebookTwitter, and/or Instagram account. We’ll even accept polaroids delivered via carrier pigeon. So below are three completely different fits that we put together to get the ball rolling.

1. That Awkward Stage Between Spring and Fall

• Grey Mid High Socks // view
• Lacelet Collab With TwentyThreeTen // view
• RB Ball Fitted Hat // coming soon
• ‘Crispy’ Tee // view
• Gold embroidered Light Weight Hoodie // coming soon

2. At The Cage
• White Mid High Socks // view
• Rubber Bracelets // view
• Black Premium Poly Shorts // view
• ‘One More’ Tee // view
• RTN BSB Camo Fitted // coming soon

3. Going Out
• Black Mid High Socks // view
• Lumber Bracelet in Ivory and Red // sold out
• Dark Grey Neck Piece // view
• ‘Classic V (Black’ Tee // view
• Murica’ Fitted Hat // coming soon
• Shoes are PF Flyers