Notre Dame’s Bronx Bomber inspired uniforms

I’m sure there’s an argument between football and baseball enthusiasts over America’s true pastime (don’t worry, we here at Routine know which one it really is).  However, there is no argument over these Notre Dame uniforms that the team will be wearing in this years’ matchup versus Syracuse at Yankee Stadium…they are FIRE.

There’s a couple of great things about them: one being the coming together of two historic institutions – Notre Dame Football and New York Yankee baseball.  But once that cloud of nostalgia settles, fans have to make up their minds on the uniform.


Personally, I’m a sucker for simplicity and tradition.  Both the Irish and Yankees are known to have taken the minimalist approach over the years in regard to their uniforms, so why would one historic institution not pay respect to a fellow historic institution?  There’s a number of ways that one historic institution can pay tribute to another historic institution – and the Irish chose to do so through their uniforms.


The uniforms include Yankee pinstripes on the sleeves, the pants, and in the background of the logo on the helmet which is outlined in Notre Dame gold.

Another ode to the Yanks is across the chest of the jersey where Notre Dame is embroidered in the classic Yankees cursive font.

Yogi Berra was right when he said, “the future ain’t what it used to be.” I think….