New Era x New Balance Cleat

For the first time ever, there is now a New Era x New Balance cleat that you can wear in game. The description of the cleat claim them to be the most comfortable, thoughtfully designed cleat in the game. We haven’t gotten are hands on them yet, so we’ll just have to take their word for it for now.

The cleat itself is a special edition version of the 3000v3 men’s baseball cleat. Their focus with this collaboration was all about shining bright under the lights. So how did they go about tackling this concept?

Starting from the ground up, they added iridescent studs that change color. Continuing the iridescent theme, they added the same reflective look to the saddle and tongue of the cleat. Best part is that it doesn’t shine until it is hit with a flash of light. You can see below how the cleat looks with and without a camera flash hitting it.

On the New Era side of things, they included some mesh on them that was used on New Era 39Thirty caps. Between that and a matching hat to go with the cleat, you can see the collaboration come full circle.

On the comfort side of things, they added a lightweight REVlite cushioning, and a new redesigned collar that provides maximum support and comfort. We’ve gotta say, sounds like a pretty well-rounded cleat.

New Era x New Balance cleat 1

New Balance

New Era x New Balance Cleat 2

New Balance

New Era x New Balance Cleat 3

New Balance

New Era x New Balance Cleat 4

New Balance


New Era New Balance Cleat 5

New Balance

You can snag a pair of these here, on New Balance’s website. If you end up getting a pair, be sure to hit us up and let us know if the details and functionality live up to the hype.

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