New Balance x Stance Collab

We’re always interested in checking out new products in the baseball world. There’s a new product worth checking out, the New Balance x Stance Collab. New Balance and Stance have already gotten together this year for some other projects. This specific project, titled “All Out,” is all about baseball.

Each of the shoes is specifically designed to show off a little bit of the game. The red & black Turf mid silhouette represents the American League; the blue & black Turf mid silhouettes is for the National League; and the silver model shoe represents the Commissioner’s Trophy (World Series Champion Trophy).

Each turf also is accompanied by a Stance Diamond Pro performance baseball sock that ties all the turfs’ different features together. Check out the collection below.

New Balance x Stance collab New Balance x Stance collab 1 New Balance x Stance collab 2

These are sharp turfs! If you want to check out a pair for yourself, go to the New Balance website here.


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