MLB’s Best ‘Drip’ On & Off The Field – Who’s King?

Now a days, in today’s game, we have the youth of the world mimicking the swagger of a lot their MLB idols. From rocking a sick arm sleeve, to taping your wrist and not really knowing why you do it besides how cool it looks, the undeniable fact is that; swagger on the field is here to stay.

BUT, lets discuss the off the field aspect as well. Off the field, the way you dress and groom yourself says a lot about you as a person. So, who’s Major League Baseballs king of freshness? King of Drip? King of Swagger?

Let’s begin…

Bryce Harper


AP Photo/ Alex Brandon (Alex Brandon)

Bryce Harper is a polarizing figure, on and off the field. From his top flight haircuts, to his super fresh approach to his on the field get-up, the man has swagger. A big time deal with Under Armour allows the Vegas products on the field drip to be nearly unmatched. Custom cleats, custom fit pants, custom arm sleeves, custom wrist wrap; he’s got it made on the field.



Photo from Bryce Harpers Instagram.

The 25 year old phenom also follows fashion very heavily off the field. Harper has an evident friendship with fashion mogul, Mike Amiri, as it’s displayed through both of their instagrams; and that pays dividends with his off the field looks. Bryce incorporates a very sleak, mix of grungy and clean looks with his love for Vans, paired with the various upscale Amiri pieces; different types of distressed denim, shirts, and jackets. Harper incorporates the streetwear culture with upscale very, very well. Bryce was also seen on players weekend with an Under Armour and Vans collaboration cleat, to show off his love for the ‘classic casual shoe’.


Photo from Bryce Harpers Instagram.

The impending free agent also has a ‘relationship, but no related endorsement’ with Stitched, a brand for luxury suits and tuxedos, that he’s been seen rocking at various different events.

Matt Kemp


Photo via Matt Kemp’s Instagram.

KeMVP, remember that?

Matt Kemp is one of the best of our generation, on and off the field.

The LA Dodgers outfielder found a resurgence in his return to Los Angeles, where he has once again become a fan favorite, and allowed him to extend his fantastic professional career a bit longer. Kemp’s on the field swagger is so smooth, you almost wouldn’t bat an eye at it because he carries it SO simply. The former MVP candidate is a Nike product and signed endorsee,  which allows him to always be up to par with his on the field drip.

Off the field, Kemp mixes up a great twist of streetwear and upscale, much like Bryce Harper, mentioned above. The Dodgers great has been seen sporting many different Balenciaga pieces as well as different pairs of ‘Off-White’ kicks.


Photo via Matt Kemp’s Instagram.

The all star has also been known to be a big fan of Vans, whereas you see here, he pairs it with a really casual but clean look leaving the stadium earlier this season.


Photo via Matt Kemp’s Instagram.

Matt Kemp is a smooooooth dude, and that shows from his on the field play and demeanor, to his off the field swagger.

Marcus Stroman


Photo via Marcus Stroman’s Instagram.

Mannn, talk about drip on and off the field? This mean absolutely DRIPS swagger.

From being the ace of the Toronto Blue Jays, to shimmying his way into greatness with throwing absolute gems during the 2017 World Baseball Classic for our beautiful country, the U S of A (Alexa, play Proud to Be an American), translating to some of the freshest outfits we could ever imagine, off of the field.


Photo via Marcus Stroman’s Instagram.

The Long Island, NY native brings a spark to anything he does; whether it’s pitching big games, attending one event or another with some eye popping style, or hopping on a hip hop track with good buddy Mike Stud; Stro does it all.


Photo via Marcus Stroman’s Instagram.

Stroman is a G, that’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

Stro show cut off his endorsement with Nike last winter, but he has his own branded growing rapidly, HDMH (Heigh Doesn’t Measure Heart).

Extremely multi-faceted, extremely talented, extremely swaggy.

Javy Baez


Photo via Javy Baez’s Instagram.

Here’s another polarizing figure in America’s game. From no look tags, to emphatic bat flips, he has made his name known the last couple of years in baseball. Javy really came into his own this season at the plate with an absolutely stellar showing. .290, 34 and 111? I’ll take that every year, on top of playing an absolutely flawless middle infield for the Cubbies. Baez arguably plays the game with the most swagger in the league.


Photo via Javy Baez’s Instagram.

The 2018 MVP Candidate also has extreme drip off the field. The gold glover has a very clean approach to his off the field swagger, often mixing up very clean basics with layered chains and a nice watch with other wrist accessories; along with pairing the fits with some really upscale, fresh kicks.

The smoothness Javy obtains was recognized when David’s Sunflower Seeds made him their face of the brand in 2017.

Javy Baez is an absolute stud, and definitely needs his recognition in this conversation.

So, who do you think is the MLB’s freshest player?

Honorable Mention: Archie Bradley, Francisco Lindor, Mookie Betts, Pedro Strop, Dallas Kuechel.

Upcomers: Dansby Swanson, Jack Flaherty, Cody Bellinger, Trevor Story, Gleyber Torres.

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