Miller > Coors – The Brew Crew Enjoy A Cold One To Sweep the Rox.

Game three of the National League Division Series (NLDS), was a BRISK 46 degrees; but that couldn’t halt the steaming hot Milwaukee Brewers; riding an 11 game winning streak, absolutely dominated the Colorado Rockies in the NLDS with a three game sweep, and the Brew Crew, barely broke a sweat aside from a bit of a hiccup in game one; that ended up fixing itself pretty swiftly.

The Milwaukee bullpen was absolutely LOCKDOWN.

  • 15 1/3 innings.
  • 2 earned runs.
  • 22 K’s to 3 walks.
  • A 1.17 ERA.

Absolutely and utterly, DOMINANT.

Who we got sipping on that HADERADE?

Arguably, 2018’s most dominant lefty out of the bullpen was the crews go to arm in any time of need late in games this series, and quite frankly, all season. The kid throws absolute gas and brings a presence to the mound that will help the Brewers make this deep postseason run. Click here to shop our Josh Hader collection here!

Milwaukee’s starting rotation; and whole staff really, did absolutely everything they could to put the team in the best position possible, and it worked beautifully. Corbin Burnes was phenomenal in his 2 inning relief outing following up Wade Miley’s shut down 4 and 2/3 start; to set the Brewers up for the game three wins, and advance to the championship series.

Let’s talk about the bats…

The Undeniable

Can we just sit down, come together and confirm, CHRISTIAN YELICH IS THE NATIONAL LEAGUE’S MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. The dude is absolutely incredible. Even with a hitless game three, Yeli drew two walks and scored once. The All-World outfielder finished the NLDS with a huge home run, two RBI’s, SIX walks, and two stolen bases.  The kid continues to amaze the baseball world. Shop Yeli collection here.


Orlando Arcia was another key piece throughout this series. ArCYa, went WAY deep in the late innings of game three to tack on an insurance run, that set the Colorado home crowd into a bit of a silence. El Niño was crucial in the field and at the dish. Shop Arcia collection here.


Big Mike Moustakas, was super clutch this series hitting at a .364 clip, with two rbi’s, a double, and four total walks. The moose was most definitely loose; as he looks to continue this hot hitting in the NLCS. Shop our MOOSE collection here.

The Mayor

Can we say enough about Travis Shaw? The guy is an outstanding person and an outstanding ballplayer. The Mayor of DING DONG CITY; was also pretty exceptional in this series; hitting at the same exact clip as Moose, .364, with four hits, 4 walks, and a run batted in. Shop our Travis Shaw collection here.


The Yelich and Moustakas T-Shirts will be available in Miller Park throughout the rest of the postseason; GET EM’ WHILE THEY’RE HOT.

This Brewers team has been fun to watch around the whole baseball world, and it should be fun to see what they can do the rest of this postseason. Shop our entire Milwaukee Brewers collection here:

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