Matt Carpenter Salsa Streak

If you have been watching baseball this past week or so, you’ve seen how hot the Cardinal’s Matt Carpenter has been. The guy has been on an absolute tear, hitting .529 with 6 HR, 2 2B and 3 BB in a five-game series against the Chicago Cubs. What a week!

Not only is he hot right now, but apparently his homemade salsa is too. He has been eating homemade salsa recently before games and then going out and tearing the cover off the ball afterwards. He has even been sharing it with his teammates. Dexter Fowler had a two-hit game after taking a bit of delicious salsa from Carpenter, and pitcher Bud Norris had a clutch save after partaking as well. So, what makes this salsa so special? We’re not sure, but whatever is in it is definitely working some magic for Carp.


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Carpenter Secret Salsa Carpenter Secret Salsa 1

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