Marucci Custom Gloves and BG’s

Recently we released an article with some different custom gloves that college teams had received (check it out), but we’re not done yet! We just received some exclusive pics of some new leather and BG’s heading out from Marruci. Marucci has sublimated the team logos on their new batting glove series called the ‘Quest’ line for their college and national travel ball partners. The new line can be purchased on their website in multiple colorways here. They don’t currently have any customizable options for the general public just yet, but they still offer plenty of color variants.

Check out below some of the custom gloves and BG’s heading out.

Marucci Custom Glove

UT of Arlington

Marucci Custom Batting glove


Marucci Custom Glove

University of Texas

Marucci Custom Batting Gloves

East Tennessee State

Marucci Custom Batting gloves


Marucci Custom batting gloves

UT of Arlington

Marucci custom Gloves


Marucci custom batting glove


Thanks Marucci for the new custom gear pics. Be sure to check out their site and consider their gloves as an addition to your arsenal. What’s your favorite?