Gear Spotlight | Mizuno Covert Bat

It’s that time of year to gear up for the season. We know that there is a lot of options for gear, bats especially, but we wanted to spotlight a 2017 bat model from Mizuno that may help you knock a few out this year. The bat is called the ‘Covert’, and Mizuno has put a lot of time into making this bat a special one. We grabbed some info from them about this particular bat so you can decide if it will be a good fit for you.

Mizuno Baseball

This bat is a two-piece hybrid, meaning it has a composite handle and an aluminum alloy barrel. It also features a new technology called CORTECH, which is the base technology behind all of Mizuno’s aluminum bats. CORTECH technology allows the walls of the bat to be thinner by varying the thickness towards the cap and towards the handle, unlike other bats. CORTECH helps to achieve a wider “sweet spot.” This is good news for the hitter, since you have a better chance of getting a hit even without getting as good a swing on it as you wanted to.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a bat, so at a very minimum we suggest testing one out and getting one in your hands. You’ll know almost immediately if this is the bat for you.

Mizuno Metal Bats

If you’d like to read more on this bat and what Mizuno says makes it better than their other aluminum bats, then check out a Q&A session on their website here. Just a heads up, they have models available for high school and college players alike.

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