Gary Sanchez Routine Collection 2017

This spring has a lot in store for the New York Yankees and Gary Sanchez. With the star player looking to begin a full season in the MLB, the expectations have been set. After Sanchez burst into the MLB last fall with double-digit homers and prowess behind the plate, the young Yankees look poised to possibly make a playoff run this season.

Along with his splash in the bigs last season, Sanchez has gained himself a great nickname – “The Kraken”. This nickname was given to him via the Yankees GM, Brian Cashman. His intent was based around the popular phrase “Unleash the Kraken.” Most likely meaning his call up to the big leagues… and unleashed he was! Wow!

Along with his newly given nickname, Gary felt the need to introduce himself personally to Yankee fans. He did this by simply signing off his tweet with the hashtag #IAmGary. With english being a work in progress for him, this seemed like the most simple interaction needed, a simple hello if you will. The fans loved it and has now grown into a theme of its own.

After teaming up with Routine to drop a successful player line last fall, the Gary Sanchez Routine collection has re-uped this spring with new designs. These designs were created by the team at Routine and picked by Gary himself. If you’re a Yankee fan, or a fan of Gary, these would be a great addition to your wardrobe.

Gary Sanchez Routine Collection Gary Sanchez Routine Collection 1 Gary Sanchez Routine Collection 2 Gary Sanchez Routine Collection 3 Gary Sanchez Routine Collection 4

As you can see, the previously mentioned nicknames have come to life in this collection. We also restocked the popular ‘Kraken’ tee from the previous collection as well. That’s shown below.

These tees are now available at Routine Baseball here!

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