We, as baseball fans, love our fitted hats. A nice, snug, premium, custom fit… with a little curve in the brim. Here at Routine we go through quite a process to get you the best fitted hat possible. So we want to take a look back on the history of the fitted hat, how you can take care of your dome piece, how to figure out your size, and how to wear it properly like a big leaguer.

The history of the fitted baseball cap goes all the way back to the 1860’s, where the Brooklyn Excelsiors started with a peak (Bill or Brim) and button on top. Near 1900, the “Brooklyn” style cap became popular (featuring a short brim), which was supposed to protect the player’s eyes from the sun. The soon-to-be-featured floppy cap became widely used among teams, and in the following decades, the fitted hat, became a staple among fans and players in the league. Anything from the Pillbox, to the six-panel hat sported by the Montreal Expos have been used. Most baseball fans to this day own a fitted of some sort. (BBC;

A fitted hat is a work of art. The process to get you the best product is tedious and time-consuming, but completely worth it. From concept to production, to getting it in your hands, we want you to get the best product and most importantly – keep it consistent. We hate ordering hats and getting the wrong size, so we measure our hats a minimum of three times before packing them up for you. We also check for blemishes such as lumps, scratches, loose fabric, crooked logos, and any other quality control issues prior to bagging your order. The piece you receive isn’t straight out of the box, we take the time to hand pick the best we have. We are always striving to improve everything from the fabric and the fit, to the design with every new line. Anything less… “He gone!”

Ever see a guy with a crusty fitted hat? Just makes you cringe doesn’t it? Now, there is a difference between a “used” (sweat stained) hat and one that has been poorly cared for (Note: it is acceptable for you to wear a hat and get it dirty from playing some ball with it on). But, have no fear, there are steps to care for your hat and keep it in the best condition possible:

Step 1.) Take the sticker off, bro. The longer you leave it on, the darker of a mark it will leave when it comes off on its own. If you like it that much slap it on a notebook or a poster board.

Step 2.) Keep it out of sustained sunlight. This doesn’t mean you have to bury it in the closet, but at least keep it away from a window. You don’t want the fresh fabric fading over time. Big no-no… leaving it in the back window of your car.

Step 3.) Want the best form? Fold in the back and place on another fitted. This helps to keep the hat in the best possible “shape” for when you want to rock it.

Step 4.) We love our fuzzy friends, but cat/dog hair can make your hat look not cared for. Pick yourself up a nice little lint roller and roll that hat down a bit. If you want to take it to the next level, grab a box and keep that dust off your piece for when you are switching between hats.

Step 5.) The proper way to clean a slightly crusted hat (or spot cleaning). Run some warm water, grab a little detergent, and hand wash that baby with a clean washcloth. Hand washing allows you to make sure the bill doesn’t get soggy on you and crease and lets you target specific areas without damaging the already clean areas. Then press with a dry towel and let air dry. Bam sauce… your hat is back in action.

Definition: The slight curve that a pro player has formed into his bill.

(Photo Credit: Icon SMI)

The Major League curve makes any hat you wear, look like a professional one. The curve is easy to make, and worth the few minutes it takes to separate yourself from those who don’t know what it is. It’s pretty simple, take your hat and bend the bill to where the sides almost touch (seems excessive, but the hat will naturally retract a bit), then proceed to put it on and check the curve in the bill. The best rule of thumb of the ML curve is to make sure your sunglasses fit underneath your brim. If the sunglasses don’t fit, then you have it curved too much. Think of the bill as arms giving your sunglasses a bro-hug.

Before you round second to get to third, remember how to wear the hat. Pull your mane back, and put the front on first and pull the back of your hat down. No hair should be sticking out under the front of your hat and it should be down to the ears (or as far down as it can go without making your ears stick out). This is the proper way to wear a hat. Not on the top of your head, sideways, or crooked. Our rule here at the office is either straight forward or straight back (solely in honor of Griffey Jr).


Take a piece of string and wrap it around your dome. Be sure to wrap it directly where you would wear the hat (rule of thumb: slightly above the eyebrow). Once you’ve wrapped it around your head, mark the stopping point with your fingers and lay it out to be measured with a ruler. Measure that bad boy in centimeters and then take that number and add .5cm to it. This is to give the hat a slight buffer and breathing room for your brain and any potential sunglasses arms that might grace the top of your ears. If you prefer more of a flat bill style, then add 1cm to your findings. For a more accurate reading, be sure to attempt the measurement a few times as even .5cm’s off can be crucial. Now take your final number and peep the chart below to get a feel for what size hat your wear. If you find yourself in-between sizes, we suggest going a size up!

Now go get yourself a dome piece and make your baseball brothers proud.

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