Diamondbacks New Food

The Diamondbacks are not only bringing a bullpen cart back, but now they have some new menu items for the fans to enjoy during games. We never have come across anyone who doesn’t like some good ballpark food, and these Chase Field specials are guaranteed to warm the heart and please the belly.

Steak and Ale tater tots. Beautiful.

Diamondbacks Food Menu
The Curd & Q burger. That’s a patty on cole slaw, with pulled pork and cheese curds.

Diamondbacks Food Menu 1

Fried chicken banh mi: crispy chicken filet, pickled daikon and carrots along with a cucumber on hoagie roll.

Diamondbacks Food Menu 2

The Carne asada hot dog. This dish is a blessing. French fries, guac, queso, and pico all on a hot dog.

Diamondbacks Food Menu 3
We will take all 4, at once, with a lot of napkins.


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