Creative Spotlight || Justin LaRose Skateboard Bats

When you read “Justin LaRose Skateboard Bats”, it’s exactly what you think it is. Bats made out of skateboards (that have been sent into retirement).

LaRose is a 37 year old skateboarder/coffee enthusiast/carpenter who makes some really rad stuff. Based out of Long Beach, CA., this dude has been making some ridiculously cool goods for a little while now. His hard goods are made from used skateboards to make some very colorful equipment. This includes knife handles, handles for coffee machines, you name it.

But, what caught our eye was a series of bats that he made. Yes, baseball bats.

LaRose says in his bio on Etsy, “Usually when these boards are broken while skating, that’s the end of the line for them. That’s where my vision comes in. I get psyched to take these boards with all of this energy and effort already put into them and transform them into something that gives them another life.”

He’s even made some for a project with Element and MLB (see photo below). A pretty appropriate collaboration.

This guy has some serious talent. In a bat world that can be a little watered down, it’s refreshing to come across something truly unique. We can’t attest to how well the bats work, but they look pretty pimp…

and that’s half the battle. Hah!

Justin LaRose Skateboard Bats Justin LaRose Skateboard Bats 2 Justin LaRose Skateboard Bats 3
Shout out to Justin, the baseball bat/skateboard project is one of the coolest we’ve seen in a while. If you want to get some of your own Justin LaRose skateboard bats, hit him up and see if he can help you out! He has an Etsy shop to check out along with his Instagram page.

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