From The Cleats Up – Turner and Correa

The World Series is upon us. It’s the finale of another great season for the MLB. Adidas is teaming up with two of their athletes, Justin Turner and Carlos Correa, and local artists David Maldonado (Houston) and Chad Cantcolor (Los Angeles) to create some custom cleats for the World Series.

These artists are traveling alongside their respective teams in the championship to create a set of custom cleats for each game of the series. The cleats will reflect previous events in the games (Homerun, a web gem, a victory, etc…) and creator moments from these two superstars. This is a very unique way to narrate the World Series for these two athletes, and we think it’s super cool.

Correa’s cleats for game 1 were created to represent who he’s playing for: his hometown, Houston, his people and Puerto Rico. Check them out below.

Correa Turner WS cleats Correa Turner WS cleats 1 Correa Turner WS cleats 2

Justin Turner’s cleats were created to pay homage to Game-1 of the 1988 World Series. This is the famous game in which Kirk Gibson hit a game winning homer, after coming in to pinch hit. The cleats have Vin Scully’s call from the game where he said, “In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened.” Check out the cleats below.

Correa Turner WS cleats 6

Correa Turner WS cleats 5 Correa Turner WS cleats 3

David Maldonado can be found on instagram at @captain_davey_jones, and Chad Cantcolor is @chadcantcolor. Be sure to check out their pages for more work to come!

We look forward to seeing more cleats in the next couple of days. Here’s to a good series!

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