Chapter 1: Look Good, Feel Good, Play Great.

Here it is; The Intro…

The culture of an athlete is unlike anything else.

The culture of a baseball player, is so extremely unique, that if you didn’t play at any point, you don’t understand.  Here’s my view, my perspective, my helping hand; to help everyone understand the way we live while playing this beautiful game, and all of the days that follow your last day playing.

Once you play, the culture is forever a part of you if you truly love the game.  In my last blog, I discussed the drop of the ‘splash pack’ from Adidas baseball, designed in commemoration for the players this postseason, making a ‘splash’ literally and metaphorically (gatorade baths); but I need to bring to light the importance of stuff like this being done in a mindset standpoint for athletes and ball players everywhere.

Adidas has become a cornerstone in the fashion and sports world, ESPECIALLY in the past few years. Consistently dropping heat in the footwear industry.

From Yeezys, to NMDs, to Ultra Boosts; Adidas hasn’t missed a beat as of late.

As shoe game is so crucial for your every day style, a beautiful new pair of cleats make you feel like you’re on cloud nine, makes you feel like you’re able to play significantly better, makes you feel like more of a complete player.  Look good, feel good, play good.

Ya FeEeeEeEl? LOL

Adidas has been huge in the movement of modernizing their on the field baseball prowess and has caught up, maybe even surpassed, the Nikes of the world in that department. The duel culture approach they’ve aligned with is seemingly working out like a charm. Dropping new spikes out of the blue, like they did with the aforementioned “splash” pack, gives a ‘hypebeast’ vibe to the baseball culture and they get to wear that brands new drop on the biggest stage in the world: the postseason.

As fashion grows more popular in the sports world, players love the fact that they can represent their given teams with completely exclusive gear made just for them, while also incorporating their lifestyle aspect.  Exhibit A: Bryce Harper and his opening day Supreme X Louie Vuitton collaboration cleat, shown below.

Photo: SolesBySir on Instagram.

Ball players deserve this.  They play on some of the biggest stages in the world, and work tirelessly year round, to maintain their greatness.  This beautiful gear is a result of hard work and lifelong effort. This even goes for the college ball players who get their first taste of sponsorships with free gear from whomever their school is signed with.  Bet if you walk around your campus, the baseball team and all the other sports teams are proudly wearing that new gear that they EARNED.

Through little league, travel ball, college, etc…there is no better feeling than customizing a pair of new spikes for a new season – although they’re only gonna be so beautiful looking for the first few games of the season (my Mom hated when they’d quickly be ruined after whatever she’d spend on me, LOL, sorry momma – love ya).

But the customization of things made JUST for you and specifically to your liking…is awesome. You sit there and track the order until the moment it shows up at your door.  Then, when it finally arrives, you’re filled with a child-like joy.

That feeling of customizing a new wood bat with your name on it, receiving it weeks later, going to take immediate batting practice with it because you’re too excited to swing it.  It’s an amazing feeling.

That feeling of customizing a new glove and then treating it as if it’s your own child. I can say firsthand my playing days are over, but if nobody else is in my car with me…my glove is still riding shotgun.  I’m corny, I know.  But that glove will always bring me back to some of my favorite memories and my favorite experiences in my life.  It’s truthfully such a genuine happiness – even to this day when I put it on just to toss the ball around with some buddies.

From the days when my parents signed me up for T-Ball and receiving my first glove and bat, I figured out what love was. I was 4 or 5 years old literally sleeping with my Rawlings Ken Griffey Jr. Edition glove and Worth T-Ball bat – and that love continued all the way through playing all through college.

The excitement of receiving new gear is everlasting for ball players.  Now a days you see it all over Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram when someone receives their new ‘baby’ (glove, bat, etc), because it’s a genuine excitement.  A genuine happiness.

Now-a-days I still love the game so much.  I love sports til the death of me and forever more.  Since my playing days have concluded, I’ve developed a love for many sports, more specifically baseball culture.  This love has adapted to a newfound love over the past couple of years:  the fashion culture.  Both of these cultures intersect in so many ways, that you wouldn’t realize until you really look into it.  My feelings now a days when I get some new shoes for my collection, a fresh new shirt, a fresh new pair of jeans, etc., is a learned appreciation from my love for design, ingenuity and uniqueness from my ball playing days and the gear I’d get through those amazing years.

One chapter of my life is over…but there’s a lifetime of love and an enjoyment for baseballs amazing culture ahead. Fashion and baseball are dope.  Together…they are poetry in motion.

Blog by Vinny Bonaccorso – @VinBonaccorso on Instagram and Twitter.