When it comes to making a garment, there’s a deeper process than just simply throwing colors together and saying “yes”. A lot of time and prep go into making the designs as good as they can be, especially here at Routine. We’ve been around for almost five years now, making some solid streetwear for baseball players and fans alike. The most important part is that we keep challenging ourselves and striving to improve with each run. The most recent fall line has some designs that break the mold for us a little bit. We’d like to highlight the design of one of the garments that stands out a little more than the others, and that’s the ‘Limón’ hoodie.


This hoodie takes the Routine “home-plate” camo and turns it into a sharp hoodie for the cold fall weather that is now in full effect. Since we’re going with an all over print, we stuck to a grey scale color palette so it didn’t come off as too gaudy

limon_hood_cu_web_1024x1024 limon_hood_model_web_1024x1024
The bright print that is our logo is where the inspiration for the name “Limón” came from.
Not only will this keep you warm, but it’s sharp as hell. Don’t forget to explain to people that you’re a baseball guru, while showing off the subtle “home-plate” came that they most likely overlooked. Boom, got em’.