Ballpark Foods: 2017 Edition

It is upon us: the season of ballpark food. Where we can grace ourselves with beautiful, calorie loaded piles of food at baseball stadiums across the country. There is a stacked lineup this year, so brace yourselves for some that may look impossible to conquer….but, that’s why you take a friend with you. Take a look at all these glorious ballpark foods across the nation at different ballparks.

Milwaukee Brewers – Miller Park

There are a lot of good food options at Miller Park, especially Brats. This AJ Bombers Milwaukee burger stood out to us, though. Topped with Colby-jack cheese, bacon, and Schlitz onions. Now, that’s a killer combo.

Ballpark Foods

Graham Washatka

Arizona Diamondbacks – Chase Field

Who doesn’t like a bacon-wrapped pretzel baguette, stuffed with ham and swiss cheese? You can check us off that list, because we would tear into this. Plus, you get some jalapeño ranch and honey mustard with it as well.

“What is that?”, you may ask. Well, it is a chicken enchilada hot dog, friends. Not only is it 18 inches long, it also sports some chicken enchilada sausage with queso blanco, pico, olives, sour cream and tortilla strips. Safe to say you will be needing to tag team this with someone else. If you don’t, then we tip our caps to you.

Ballpark Foods

Sarah Sachs

Los Angeles Dodgers – Dodger Stadium

The Dodgers are known for the famous “Dodger Dog”, but why not throw a hot dog on a burger? Plus, add a few onion rings and you’ve got a winner with the “Dodger Burger”.

Ballpark Foods

Chicago White Sox – Guaranteed Rate Field

The fine people on the south side of Chicago decided to bring the heat this year with their food options. The big sandwich is 16″, with brisket baked mac & cheese grilled cheese. We’re not sure if the onion rings come along with it, but either way, that’s one heck of a sandwich.


Not to take away from the 16″ grilled cheese, this sandwich may even wet our appetite more. This is the Triple Play BBQ sandwich. Smoked sausage, pulled pork, and jalapeño cheddar sausage, plus a few pickles. It would be a safe bet to watch the White Sox on an empty stomach.

Ballpark foods 2

Baltimore Orioles – Camden Yards

Very solid option here coming out of Maryland. The Mac and Cheese twister cone can be filled with crab meat, pulled pork, or buffalo chicken. This one could be a sleeper pick on this list of ballpark foods.

ballpark foods 6

Miami Marlins – Marlins Park

Marlins park also kept it pretty simple this year, yet solid. The taco dog is a foot long hot dog on a taco. Who doesn’t like tacos? Might as well add a hot dog since you’re at a ballpark. Sounds like a brilliant idea if you ask us.

Ballpark foods 5

Washington Nationals – Nationals Park

This is a cheeseburger topped with a stack of onion rings and a DC half smoke sausage. It’s named the monument. End of story.
Ballpark Foods 4

San Diego Padres – Petco Park

This is a hot dog topped with carnitas. Which, sounds really tasty.  If you can’t tell so far, we’re most excited about items that have hot dogs.
Ballpark Foods 3

Cleveland Indians – Progressive Field

Another item featuring a hot dog: the Taquito Dog. It comes with a side of nacho cheese for your dipping pleasure.

Texas Rangers – Globe Life Park in Arlington

Item number one: The Texas Snowball. A doughy ball of deep fried brisket, topped off with powdered sugar. So, you get a solid meal and some dessert in one bite.
ballpark foods 7
Item number two: The MVT dog. The MVT stands for “Most Valuable Tamale”, and rightfully so. This thing is two feet long and topped with chili, cheese, and sour cream. Sitting at $27, you should probably grab the same person you want to try the rest of the food on this list with and make them eat it with you.
ballpark foods 8

Atlanta Braves – SunTrust Park

The Tomahawk chop sandwich is the number one foodie attraction at the new braves stadium, and it’s not even close. It is a breaded and fried pork chop slammed with collard green cole slaw and lot of BBQ sauce. Of course, that sounds delicious. The picture may also be deceiving, because it serves 4-6 people…it’s not small. It also costs $26, but it’s probably worth every penny.

ballpark foods 9

Chicago Cubs – Wrigley Field

Rounding out our list is the sandwich named “Bao to the Pork”. It’s pulled pork with asian sauce on it, cucumbers, pickled daikon and carrots, and jalapeño relish. The presentation may sell us on this sandwich alone, but it does sound very good.

We’re very excited that baseball is back, and we are equally excited about all the ballpark foods. We’re sure we missed some, so be sure to send us pictures (@clubhouse_mag) and we’ll get another round featured.

Here’s a bonus one:

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