Arizona Diamondbacks Bringing Back Bullpen Cart

It’s almost opening day and we got some good news from the Arizona Diamondbacks. The storied bullpen cart is coming back. The cart was used throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. After disappearing from the MLB scene in 95′, when the Brewers were the last team to use them, the cart will now be brought back by the D-Backs.

The new OnTrac cart looks primed and ready to go this season. We’re imagining Archie hopping out of it with his massive beard and chain hanging…and it’s a good picture. Check out some of the older carts below:

Bullpen Cart

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Bullpen Cart 1

We hope that more teams will start using the bullpen carts, to get the pitchers to the mound in style. We, as fans, would love it!

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