Albert Pujols Strike Out Slavery Cleats

This weekend on the 16th, Albert Pujols will be wearing some custom cleats made by Nomad Customs to help bring awareness to his campaign called “Strike Out Slavery.” He also has an online fundraising program that the proceeds go to eight non-profits to fight against human trafficking. The 16th is also going to be “Strike Out Slavery Day” at Angel Stadium where Pujols and his wife can engage with baseball fans about the fight against human trafficking. The Angels are also offering up 1,000 seats in sections 257-260 to Strike Out Slavery supporters for the special price of $27.50.

Check out Pujols’ custom cleats below!

Pujols Strike Out Slavery Cleats

There’s also some pre-game activities to check out for families and children on the patio. Then, after the game, there will be a concert performed by Nick Jonas who is lending his support for the foundation as well! So, if you’re on the west coast, it’s worth checking out! If you want to know more about the organization check out

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