Adidas Special Mother’s Day Cleats

Mother’s Day is coming up soon, and team adidas had to make sure it would be a good one. The adidas special Mother’s Day cleats will be worn by over 150 #teamadidas baseball players this weekend. The 2017 adizero Afterburner Mother’s Day cleat features a graphic that highlights the mother’s names for each player in the adidas Baseball family. That’s pretty awesome, and great way to pay tribute to mom.

These cleats are dipped in a nice soft, pink color with darker pink polka dots. The polka dot pattern was inspired by Rosie the Riveter’s iconic polka dotted bandana. This evokes the strength and tenacity that characterizes mothers around the globe.

Adidas special mother's day cleats Adidas special mother's day cleats 1 Adidas special mother's day cleats 2 Adidas special mother's day cleats 3
We’re thankful for our mothers, so we’re glad that adidas made some real nice cleats to help celebrate Mother’s Day around the league. You can snag these cleats on adidas’s website today if you want to add something special to your collection.

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