adidas Partnership with Prep Baseball Report

This week adidas announced a partnership with Prep Baseball Report, which is a multi-year deal. This will include adidas as the official athletic footwear, apparel and accessory brand of the Prep Baseball Report and their Events.

“adidas has a rich tradition in sports and a ton of momentum right now and we just knew that adidas was the right brand to partner with,” said Sean Duncan, Executive Director of Prep Baseball Report. “The power of both brands allows us to accelerate the future of baseball and improve the opportunities for the game’s next generation of kids.”

This deal will go into place starting on March 1, 2017, through February 22, 2022. This is great for baseball since PBR has been giving kids year-round scouting coverage in every state they are in. The mission of the Prep Baseball Report is to scout and promote high school baseball. Which, is to help prep athletes reach their goal of playing baseball at the next level.

adidas Prep Baseball Report partnership

Having adidas as a partner will help provide kids with adidas footwear, apparel and equipment for events, showcases and tournaments. Also, adidas will collaborate with the Prep Baseball Report to further elevate the profile of the PBR events. PBR will also receive adidas’ product & marketing expertise for the development and enhancement of youth baseball.

Sounds like there is some awesome stuff for the younger baseball players in our country. There are a lot of available outlets to be seen as a young ball player today. Prep Baseball Report is currently in 33 states and Canada. They also have more than 800 colleges and pro teams subscribed to their services. If you want to play at a higher level, this is a great option for being seen.

“Our mission is to help athletes perform better, and adidas and the Prep Baseball Report have a shared vision for the future of baseball,” said Aaron Kahn, Senior Director of adidas Baseball. “Over the next five years we’ll bring our creativity, our collaborative efforts, and our best and most innovative and products to this partnership to provide kids with best opportunity and equipment they need for elite performance.”

The future of baseball begins at the youth level and anytime a creative company like adidas can team up with a prep program, then good things happen. 

Shout out the adidas PR team for the information about this partnership.

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