adidas Special Edition Jackie Robinson Cleat & Turf

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson™ breaking baseball’s color barrier on April 15, 1947, adidas is unveiling a special edition baseball cleat and turf trainer. Not to mention, they announced a new field at Robinson’s alma mater, John Muir High School in Pasadena, Calif., for Jackie Robinson Day on April 15. Very cool stuff from adidas.

Now to the kicks…

2017 Special Edition Jackie Robinson™ adizero Afterburner

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A 2017 adizero Afterburner custom’d out for Jackie Robinson day? Yes, please. The cleat’s design is centered around Robinson’s signature. The signature is highlighted in gold foil above a 70th anniversary gold embroidered stencil commemorating the historic date he started in the majors. The old school numeric stencil is inspired by Robinson’s gym bag that displayed his universally retired uniform number (42). The details on this cleat are top notch, especially if you’re a big time Jackie Robinson fan, but then again, who isn’t?

The bronze color pallet reflects the bricks from Brooklyn’s legendary Ebbets Field, where Robinson started and finished his baseball career, and the ballpark’s facade is highlighted on the heel of the cleat. Further encapsulating some moments in time, adidas’ iconic three stripes are stitched in brown and black tweed to pay homage to the tweed suit jacket Robinson wore the day he retired from the game. Robinson’s stats are also stamped into the heel pulltabs (BA .311 | R 947 | H 1518  | SB 197 | RBI 734 | HR 137).

Talk about details.

2017 Special Edition Jackie Robinson™ adidas Baseball Icon Turf Trainer

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The adidas Baseball Icon Turf Trainer is designed to showcase style. But, it’s also built to help you put in hours at the batting cage and practice field. Again, these shoes are paying homage to Robinson representing the tweed suit he wore. They also have a leather heel and reinforced heel clip in the shape of Ebbets Field.

Robinson’s signature is highlighted in gold foil on the lateral side of the trainer. His signature and 70th anniversary stencil (to commemorate the historic date he started in the majors) are embossed into the reinforced medial IRONSKIN toecap on the medial side. Mirroring the special edition cleats, Robinson’s stats are stamped into the heel pulltabs.

The sockliner features his signature in gold foil emblazoned atop a hand-drawn sketch of Robinson sliding into second base. Also, the tongue of the cleats and trainer have a 70th anniversary gold pin that was inspired by 1947 World Series press pins. The pin features Robinson’s signature, Ebbets field, 1947-2017 dates and two crossing baseball bats.

The cleats will be available for $120 and the Icon Turf Trainer will be available for $100, each on 4/14/17. You can pick them up on adidas, EastBay, and Dick’s.

New Baseball and Softball Field at John Muir High School

Twenty adidas employee volunteers visited John Muir High School to build a new baseball and softball field that will serve the school’s approximately 900 students and drive the community’s Little League participation.

“Jackie Robinson changed the game of baseball forever,” said Tauna Dean, director of adidas Social Purpose. “He showed us what breaking barriers looks like. We believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives and we want to help positively impact lives by removing barriers to sports for kids who might not have an opportunity to play otherwise. This new baseball and softball field is just one small way we can help our sports community.”

In addition to the field, adidas is giving the baseball and softball teams at John Muir High School special edition Jackie Robinson-inspired uniforms and cleats for their games on Jackie Robinson Day on April 15th.

Well done, adidas, all around.

Jackie Robinson™ licensed by The Estate of Jackie Robinson & Mrs. Rachel Robinson.

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