adidas heritage jersey collection

This past weekend we were able to meet up with some of the team adidas guys at the ABCA convention in Anaheim, CA and we got to see (in person) the newest jersey releases for their adidas Baseball heritage collection. The adidas guys were top-notch and we really enjoyed our time with them. The schools that are lucky enough to be part of this new collection are Arizona State, Louisville, Miami, Mississippi State, Nebraska, N.C. State and Texas A&M. As for the jerseys, they’re not only crisp and clean, but the inspiration and back story for each of them comes with some rich history.

So let’s get into some of the schools.

adidas baseball heritage jersey

adidas baseball

Arizona State

This jersey embodies the 80’s era of Sun Devils Teams. That was the era that produced 5 college world series teams and one of the greatest players ever, Barry Bonds. We dig these a lot…it’s hard to not like the ASU color scheme. The jersey features the “Devils” script moniker and the cap features the interlocking “AS” logo to mimic the cap worn in the 80’s.

Straight heat.

adidas baseball miami heritage jersey

adidas baseball

Miami University “The U”

Miami had great success in the 70’s and 80’s sending 11 teams to the CWS and umpteen players to the MLB. This jersey grabs influence from those decades of Hurricane baseball, some of the most successful in the schools rich history of baseball. The jersey features iconic old English blocking with a classic fit and design lines along with modern moisture wicking materials. The cap features an old English gray “M” logo to complete the look.

Adidas heritage jersey Mississippi state
Mississippi State

In 1965-66 Mississippi State were the conference champions with all-american Del Unser, so adidas pulled inspiration for these jerseys from that decade of baseball. The jersey features iconic pinstripes and a “State” script logo, which was recreated to mirror the logo worn by the team for a short time in the 60’s. The cap features the, also iconic, interlocking “MS” logo.

adidas baseball heritage jersey nebraska

Nebraska has had many great college baseball teams, so there was a lot of inspiration for adidas to choose from. The Cornhuskers had a lot success in the late 40’s and 50’s, so adidas chose to design some jerseys to represent Nebraska baseball from that era.  The jersey features traditional cut lines and looks with modern materials and the “Nebraska” moniker across the chest. The jersey top is a lightweight stretch mesh to help athletes perform at the top-level in the heat. A throwback felt cap matches the caps worn by the teams during that era. We love this jersey and we’re sure Nebraska will be excited to wear them.

adidas baseball nc state heritage jersey

adidas baseball

NC State

NC State Wolfpack baseball has had a lot of success recently, consistently making the NCAA tournament, and in the late 80’s and early 90’s as well. They have been to the CWS a couple of different times and have produced notable MLB players. For these jerseys, adidas featured color blocked sleeves commonly worn in the 80s and featured a classic “NC State” script logo on the chest for a clean look. These jerseys are crazy clean with lots of pop with the stark white and red next to each other.

adidas baseball heritage jersey texas a&m
Texas A&M

If you want to talk baseball, talk it with a Texas A&M baseball fan. They have made 30 NCAA tournament appearances, advancing to the CWS five times, in 1951, 1964, 1993, 1999 and 2011…so you could say they have a pretty good baseball history. Adidas is throwing it back to the 50’s with these crispy jerseys, featuring traditional cut lines and looks with modern materials and the “Texas Aggies” moniker across the chest. The jersey top is a lightweight stretch mesh for performance and the felt throwback cap mimics the caps worn by the teams of that era. The Aggies will look fresh in Texas this season with these on.

Check out a few other pictures of these heritage jerseys below:

adidas baseball

adidas baseball

adidas baseball

Thanks to adidas for the information, and we will update everyone in the future when we get more details. For more baseball go to @routinebaseball on Twitter and Instagram.

We can’t wait to see these in a month and half! Which is your favorite?